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Alisa coaches executives, other leaders and teams so that they work at their optimal capacity, creating significant permanent shifts in their leadership impact and in the results they achieve. Clients learn about their behavioral styles, capitalize on their strengths, and compensate for their blind spots. 

Coaching is a rigorous process and a partnership. It always begins with clarifying the specific measurable goals for the process. Alisa then helps her clients understand their styles and their “personal brands.” Using 360-feedback and other tools, Alisa works with executives to create a profile of their ideal leadership, behavior and communication styles and then develop the techniques to achieve those profiles. She serves as a sounding board and thought partner to support the challenging process of behavior change. Leaders practice their new tools and think through their actions before doing them.

Alisa also works with individuals in career transition or who want to more actively manage their careers. She also facilitates group coaching and sets up a unique structure of peer coaching to transfer coaching and development competencies to the team and organization as a whole.