Determining Quick Wins

OK, you’re sold on quick wins. How can you determine the quick wins in your domain? Questions you can ask yourself to get you started:

Business quick wins:

  1. Is it achievable right now with available resources?

  2. Would success lay the foundation for others to achieve a longer-term goal?

  3. Does it move towards quick, tangible performance in the business, especially visible operational and financial gains?

Process quick wins:

  1. Does it address a long-held complaint/issue/irritant?

  2. Does it contribute towards a new culture you are trying to change?

  3. Is it symbolic in a positive way?

Relationship quick wins:

  1. Does it build much-needed bridges to cross-functional teams and colleagues?

  2. Does it resolve strained relations?

  3. Does it get someone on your side?

Positive answers to these questions are a quick indication that you are headed towards a quick win.

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