Executive Presence Inventory

Have you ever assessed your executive presence? Conducting an inventory of how you come across to others is eye-opening.

It’s helpful to have a few colleagues that you have such a strong relationship with that you can always ask them uncomfortable “Alisa Cohn” questions. If your boss is among that group, so much the better. Here are 5 powerful questions to ask:

  1. How am I perceived as a leader by the board, key leaders and other stakeholders?

  2. Who around here has strong executive presence? Who has weak executive presence? If you put those two on a continuum, where do I fall between them?

  3. Picture me in a high-stakes meeting. What are some of the specific things I do that give me executive presence or detract from it?

  4. When I walk into a room, does anyone notice?

  5. What suggestions do you have for amping up my executive presence?

As always when you seek feedback, manage your reactions (defensiveness and disagreement are the enemies of feedback.)

I would love to hear from you about what you find out from your Executive Presence Inventory!

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