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Dan Zavorotny

Episode 29 – Dan Zavorotny, Nutrisense

Episode 29 – Dan Zavorotny, Nutrisense Dan Zavorotny is a healthcare technology entrepreneur whose latest venture, NutriSense, involves CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) technology as a tool for preventative health, weight management, and increased physical performance. His team has helped tens of thousands of individuals, ranging from type II diabetics to world record-setting athletes by optimizing their health and wellness with a data-driven approach. Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Dan worked as a global healthcare consultant at KPMG and has had the privilege of traveling to over 100 countries. We discuss establishing trust as co-founders, the culture shift going from a large corporation to a startup, and his process of teaching himself marketing.  I feel that his approach applies globally to any skill you are trying to teach yourself – this is gold!! To stay up to date on future episodes and learn more from Alisa, sign up for her newsletter. If you like what you hear, please subscribe to the podcast! Learn more about Dan Zavorotny | LinkedIn For more stories and advice on founders and CEOs, head to Listen on: Apple Podcasts Spotify Podcasts Overcast Podcasts

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