How To Hold Your Ground

There are times to influence; there are times to be flexible and to collaborate. And there are times that you have to showcase yourself as forceful – show some teeth.

When that time comes, do so artfully. Here are some words you can use to hold your ground:

  • “I like to collaborate and try to be flexible, but in this case I am going to have to insist.”

  • “I simply don’t agree.”

  • “I respect your position. I have a very different point of view I would like to share with you.”

  • “I understand. And I am still going to move forward the way I’ve laid out.”

  • “I am not going to do it that way.”

Note that none of these sentences use the word “sorry.” There are plenty of times to say you’re sorry. However, when you are trying to hold your ground saying “sorry” is not your friend – it positions you as a subordinate, which is not what you want when you are trying to talk truth to power.

What words have you used to stand your ground?

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