How to Live With More Joy This Year

Well, Happy New Year!

Did you debrief your year? In case you missed it, here is my process every year, a la Tim Ferriss: I look through my calendar from the past year and figure out what brought me the most joy and the most aggravation. Then I try to do more of the former and less of the latter.

Some of my joy-sparking things are more small dinner parties, more time in the sunshine, and more time with specific friends.

Some of you have written to me that you are determined to find more joy by finding your new job or career, so if you’re in that boat you’re not alone! If you are interested in transitioning from a corporate role to a startup, check out my article in HBR which lays out some strategies to do this.

Do you want to get promoted? If so, it’s the perfect time to register for this wonderful session from my good friend May Busch “What it really takes to get promoted.” May is a former C-Suite executive who knows what really matters when it comes to moving up, and she’s going to share practical strategies you can use immediately to get yourself onto the road to a big promotion this year. And it’s free!

And of course, if you’re planning to start your own company this year, this is the perfect time to get my book From Start-up to Grown-up which is a practical manual for how to grow your leadership to grow your business. (And I hear it’s a good read too!) You can also check out the wisdom from wonderful entrepreneurs and other builders by listening to my podcast here (and if you can go review it here so others can find it I would truly appreciate it).

How are you planning to find more joy and inspiration this year?

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