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#46: Anouck Gotlib, Cofounder and CEO of Belgian Boys — Building a company when you’re a creative, dealing with your cofounder when he’s also your spouse, and the power of a walk out song


Anouck Gotlib, the Cofounder and CEO of Belgian Boys – a sweet snack company out of Brooklyn, NY, – started her career in fashion. With no business background, she ended up cofounding  Belgian Boys with her husband and did a whole bunch of learning by doing. 

In this episode of From Start-up to Grown-up, hear about her fascinating journey, her very fresh approach on mundane things like the company handbook, and how her mission to spark moments of happiness gets brought to life. Anouck also talks about how her work with her coach has helped her, and why she has a walk on song.  

Find out more about Belgian Boys | Website

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