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#45: Carolyn Rodz, Cofounder and CEO of Hello Alice — How to transform setbacks into learning, the best question to ask future employees, and how to build a strong cofounder relationship


An investment banker turned three-time award-winning Latina entrepreneur from Bolivia, Carolyn serves as the Cofounder and CEO of Hello Alice (, a smart technology that helps business owners find the right path to start and grow their companies. Carolyn is a long-time advocate for underestimated founders and believes technology-driven data will prove the business case for inclusion. During her time at Hello Alice, Carolyn was recognized as a “17 Women to Watch,” by Inc. Magazine, and selected by Mayor Turner of Houston to co-chair the Women and Minority Small Business Task Force in 2019.

This episode is a masterclass on entrepreneurship!

Learn why it’s not a good idea to compare yourself to others, who you need to look for to bring on your team, how to handle being on the ropes financially, and the questions you should be asking as a founder.

 Key highlights in this episode

  • The founding insights of Hello Alice (02:03)
  • What Hello Alice deals with (02:42)
  • Her experience working as an investment banker with JP Morgan and why she decided to quit (05:08)
  • The setbacks she experienced as a stationery entrepreneur (11:53)
  • Why comparing yourself to others is not a good idea (13:52)
  • How Hello Alice started and how she met her Cofounder Elizabeth Gore (25:21)
  • What makes her relationship with her cofounder successful? (31:28)
  • What it was like being 24 hours away from not being able to make payroll (35:40) 
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic impacted her business (40:07)
  • How Carolyn has evolved as a leader in terms of hiring and managing people (47:47)
  • What Carolyn focuses on when hiring and how she ensures the people she hires are the right fit (50:39)
  • Her experience with the impostor syndrome and how she deals with it (01:00:21)
  • What Carolyn wishes she had known earlier on her journey (01:03:03) 
  • Her advice for other founders as they embark on their journey to grow into leaders (01:04:12)

Notable Quotes

  • “Failure is part of the game.” ~Alisa Cohn (17:19) 
  • “Hitting bottom is often part of the journey and part of the process.”~ Alisa Cohn  (17:42) 
  • “Entrepreneurship is not a solo sport. You have to bring the right people to the table, build the right team, and put the right resources behind you to set yourself up for success.” ~Carolyn Rodz (22:38)
  • “The biggest differentiator between those who succeed and those who struggle is attitude.” ~Carolyn Rodz (58:31)
  • “If the no doesn’t fire you up and the blockers don’t motivate you to figure out the walk around, you are not an entrepreneur.” ~Carolyn Rodz (59:40)
  • “Discouraging data is better than no data because at least it gives you an opportunity to react to it and manage it.” ~Carolyn Rodz  (01:05:07) 

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