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Episode 25 - Larry Gadea, Envoy


Larry Gadea is the Founder and CEO of Envoy, a workplace platform that helps companies welcome visitors, keep employees safe, book desks and conference rooms, and manage deliveries in over 16,000 locations around the globe. Larry started his career as a software engineer at 17, having been recruited by Google out of high school. He later joined Twitter as one of the early people driving its ability to scale. Wanting to build a similar global company, in 2013 Larry went on to build the initial website and app for what eventually became Envoy. 
I am thrilled to welcome Larry onto the show! Listen to hear how and why his company, Envoy, had to pivot their work and also use the threat of the pandemic as fuel for new products. You’ll also hear how he developed his leadership growing from a manager to a founder and CEO over the last nine years. Listen to his advice on how he engages the leadership team, and also the resolve one needs to make a startup succeed. 

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