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#53, Gareb Shamus, Founder of ACE Comic Con— Going from passion to product, how to keep yourself in the game, and why inclusion fosters new businesses


Gareb Shamus is a visionary in the Superhero and character-based franchise worlds. Throughout the last 30 years, he’s made a tremendous impact on geek and nerd culture and formed relationships with an unrivaled collection of artists, writers, toy developers, game designers, and celebrities. Gareb founded Comic Con as we know it today, producing 180 events with millions of tickets sold, reaching billions of people worldwide. He is also the founder of Wizard, ToyFare, and Anime Insider magazines with over 100 million issues sold in 75 countries His most recent endeavor, ACE Universe, achieved instant success having produced seven events over two years with the most popular Superhero celebrities that were live-streamed to massive global audiences. 

Comic Con, the largest comic, sci-fi, and fantasy event in the world, almost never happened. That’s because as a young founder, Gareb Shamus, the founder of ACE Comic Con, was on the brink of shutting down his upstart comic magazine, Wizard. Gareb turned to his father and got some surprising, life-changing advice. 

This episode of From Start-Up to Grown-Up is a highlight reel of Gareb Shamus, a superhero visionary, who championed inclusion in his business by focusing on a niche market. You will learn about perseverance, how to take the fuel of your passions and harness it into a product, and how inclusion drives profits. 

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