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#67, Gary Vaynerchuk, Serial Entrepreneur and Chairman of VaynerX — The importance of kind candor, how to get over your insecurity, and why you need to embrace social media


Gary Vaynerchuk, also known as “GaryVee,” is a serial entrepreneur, the Chairman of VaynerX, and 5x New York Times Best Selling Author. He is a leading global mind on what’s next in culture, relevance, and the internet. Gary possesses an uncanny ability to recognize trends and patterns early to help others understand how these shifts impact consumer behavior. He is one of the most forward-thinkers in business. Gary’s approach sits at the intersection of business and culture. He keenly understands how to bring brand relevance to the forefront.

“It’s not a hokey thing to say you have to enjoy the journey. It’s the only sustainable thing.” 

That’s one of the wisdom bombs from my latest guest on From Start-up to Grown-up, the legendary  Gary Vaynerchuk- Chairman of Vayner X and the author of his brand new book, Day Trading Attention.

Here are a few more of the many great takeaways Gary offered during our discussion:

“Chasing the short-term is the number one strategy that makes people fail.”

“Entrepreneurship is a constant game of losing with occasional wins.”

“There’s nothing that happens on earth that doesn’t start with attention.”

Learn more about his new book, Day Trading Attention | Website

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