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#52, Joe Landolina, Co-Founder and CEO of Cresilon— Starting a company in his dorm room, finding the right investors; and the importance of transparent communication


At 17 years old, inventor and entrepreneur Joe Landolina invented a medical breakthrough that is transforming at-home and in-patient wound care. Landolina conceived an adhesive hemostatic gel composed of plant-based polymers that could adhere to a wound site and simultaneously support the natural clotting process. 

To refine and manufacture the gel technology he invented, Landolina with his partner Isaac Miller founded Cresilon (formerly Suneris), which has since grown into a medical device company headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. As Chief Executive Officer, Landolina is now gearing up to take the company’s proprietary product VETIGEL to the veterinary market-offering a faster, more reliable solution in hemostasis for veterinarians performing both routine treatments and complex operations in clinics every day. As the face of Cresilon, Landolina meets with investors, clinicians, and industry key opinion leaders, alike, to keep a pulse on the market, meanwhile leading all strategic initiatives internally.

Landolina’s research background is in biocompatible polymers; in 2013, he was selected as a Barry M. Goldwater Scholar in recognition of his outstanding potential in scientific research. In 2014, Landolina was named a TED Global Fellow and has since traveled around the world representing Cresilon. Landolina is also a former Innovation Consultant at his alma mater, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and on the board of eLab NYC, which supports the development of NYC as the new world leader in life sciences entrepreneurship.

Joe Landolina is a force of nature! He was doing chemistry experiments as a teenager, and ended up starting his company, Cresilon, at 17-years old.  

We talked about his back story and how he learned management and leadership skills, as well as plenty of ups and downs along the way. We also talk about where he got his first clean room (hint: you can buy one too) and what happened when he tried an experiment on his cousin.

Learn more about Cresilon | Website


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