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#51, Joel Jackson, Co-Founder and President of Lifeforce — Working with celebrity founders, taking in feedback without getting defensive, and frameworks for learning from experience


Joel Jackson is co-founder and President of Lifeforce, the first clinically integrated health optimization platform. He is a Canadian entrepreneur and executive who has led technology organizations across healthcare, consumer goods, and wellness. Most recently, Joel was CTO of Upgrade Labs, a personal optimization and recovery company based in Santa Monica, California. Prior to Upgrade Labs, Joel led the engineering team for The Honest Company, a direct-to-consumer company focused on improving the health and sustainability of baby products.

How do you manage working with someone who has a larger-than-life personality?

Joel Jackson, Co-Founder and President of Lifeforce, has worked with figures like Jessica Alba, Dave Asprey, the biohacker and founder of Bulletproof Coffee, and his new venture Lifeforce was co-founded with self-help guru, Tony Robbins.

Joel shared so many valuable insights in this conversation, including what it was like to have to shut down his first startup, how he’s able to handle big personalities, and his process to deliver blame-free debriefs on projects. We also talk about how he’s learned to take in feedback without getting defensive – a valuable skill for all of us.

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