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#57, Jon Beckstrand, CEO of MasterControl — Developing a leadership code, how to look forward to hard conversations, and ways to repurpose stress


Does your company have an employee bill of rights?

Jon Beckstrand put one together for his team as CEO of MasterControl.

That’s just one of the strategies that Jon has used at MasterControl to grow the company and successfully execute a pivot. We talked about his leadership philosophy, his tools for learning, and how he’s come to embrace having difficult conversations. 

Listen to the rest of it for helpful strategies you can use right now to become a better leader. 

Jon Beckstrand is responsible for the overall direction and vision of MasterControl. Since his leadership began in 2002, MasterControl has enjoyed robust growth, introduced an array of new solutions, continued the company’s push for innovation, and advanced its position as a leading provider of quality management software and services for regulated companies.

Over the course of his 20 years in the software industry, Beckstrand has served on the executive team of a midmarket financial services-focused software provider and advised software and IT companies on company strategy and mergers and acquisitions as part of a team at KPMG in Chicago and Silicon Valley.

Learn more about MasterControl | Website

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