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#69, Rahul Vohra, Co-Founder and CEO of Superhuman — How to craft core values, tactics for implementing culture to help you achieve company goals, and the importance of moving quickly


Rahul Vohra is the Co-Founder and CEO of Superhuman. He is also a Technical Advisor at Boldstart Ventures, an investor and advisor at Partender, and an investor of sendwithus and Easy Post. He received his bachelor of arts in Computer Science at the University of Cambridge. Rahul shares the lessons he learned from being a serial entrepreneur, how and why he learned to meditate, what he does to build trust with his team, and the pros and cons of being a celebrity founder. 

Rahul shared so many great insights the first time he was on the show I had to have him back!

This time we’re taking a deep dive on instilling powerful values and culture within a rapidly growing company. We talked about: 

✅ How and why to create values in your company at the start: A step by step practical process you can use immediately.

✅ The need to evolve your leadership: As a founder and CEO  you should always be identifying your highest and best use and using that as your guide.

✅ The importance of asking hard questions: It can be awkward, but it’s essential to be rigorous with yourself and your team as your company grows. 

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