The Rules of Influence

No matter your title, no matter your role or situation, you will have to influence without having formal authority to be successful. This is your chronic condition. So what are the most important elements to remember?

1) Build rapport early and often, especially with people whom you perceive as less important. Introduce yourself, proactively find common ground, show an interest in them personally and professionally. It takes very little time, and the rewards are off-the-charts.

2) Provide context. People will do much more for you if you give them an explanation, some background, and show them how they fit into the bigger picture.

3) Do favors. Find out more about their goals and help them accomplish something if you can. A small favor helps them see you are the kind of person who is looking out for them, who will jump in if you can help, and that you want to establish the kind of relationship where each of you helps the other.

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