Alisa helps you create an experience that is a strategic use of your team's time and that reaps long-lasting benefits.

The Seven-Figure Coach

June 14-16th | New York City | Learn More

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How to Create a Million-Dollar Coaching or Consulting Business That Changes Lives

You've built a successful six-figure coaching or consulting business - and now it's time to take it to the next level. 

Too often, talented coaches and consultants hit a mid-six-figure plateau. They work so hard on client delivery that they don't take time out for the strategy setting and high-level skills development they know are essential. 

How Can You Sign Up? 

We're vetting all participants carefully to make sure it'll be a good fit and a great experience for every attendee. 

If you think the workshop sounds like a fit for you, please email us at so we can set up a time to discuss it further.

We're excited to continue the conversation and look forward to this transformative gathering. 

Sometimes you need to get the team together to do a sustained amount of strategic thinking. Or to figure out how to work better as team. An offsite or workshop to focus the team is best way to do that. 

Alisa conducts programs and speaks on several topics such as:

  • High-performing Teams

  • Personal Mastery

  • How Successful People Develop

  • Research, Reinvention, Resilience: The Three R's of Career Success

  • Managing Your “Leadership Brand”

  • Career Transition for Financial Services Executives

  • Retooling for the New Economy

  • Staying Up in a Down Market

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Authentic Networking

  • Managing Your Career

  • Building Your Leadership Model

  • Influencing Up

She also designs programs for Team Alignment, Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI), strategic planning and visioning, and other workshops.

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