Be a Better Delegator.

People at start-ups have to scale, but so do managers at large companies! The same mindset applies here, especially around finding the right people and delegating to them.

Here are 3 must-dos for effective delegation:

  1. Explain context. Don’t tell people what to do, tell them what the outcome needs to look like and why. That way they can make good decisions in the right direction.

  2. Mid-point check-in. When you’ve delegated a large project, have them let you know when they will set up time with you to check-in, so you can review their progress.

  3. Debrief. At the end of a project you’ve delegated reserve time to review how it went and, most importantly, lessons learned. The key to increasing people’s capacity – and being able to delegate more – is for them to learn as rapidly as possible. Debriefing accelerates this process.

I would love to hear what tools you use to become a better delegator!

You’re bought in to scaling yourself, and you know you need to be a better delegator. Check out these common delegation mistake for you to avoid.

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