Delegation Bloopers

You’re bought in to scaling yourself, and you know you need to be a better delegator. To get the most out of delegating, remember that you are delegating not simply to move tasks but also to build the capability of your team members.

Here are some common pitfalls to avoid:

Telling more than asking: asking questions lets others think through situations themselves rather than falling into the trap of carrying out your direction.

Failure to clarify the deliverable: you may know exactly what you want. Perhaps you’ll “know it when you see it.” Either way, make sure you set people up for success by agreeing on the end state.

Fear of being a micro-manager: leaders are often squeamish about telling someone what to do. If you want a good outcome you need to agree on check-points so you can ask good questions, offer suggestions and provide support along the way.

Failure to debrief: debriefing after a project is completed is the single best way to ensure learning. Missing this step guarantees that you and your team member won’t get the most out of delegating.

Do not fall into delegation traps! I would love to hear from you about delegation tips you have, or bloopers that you have seen!

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