Your pre-game routine

You may not be a baseball star, but you’re an athlete, too – a corporate athlete. Most people who have to perform on demand develop a “pre-game” ritual to help them get into the zone. A routine that you do over and over before certain situations boosts your confidence. Here are 3 routines for you to incorporate regularly:

1) Listen to music: Find music that inspires you and get in the habit of listening to it as you go into work in the morning to set up your day, or mid-day for a pick-me-up. You can also listen to it right before a high stakes presentation.

2) Develop a power phrase: Yes, self-talk again. You talk to yourself all day, every day. Be aware of what you say, and consciously develop an empowering message to repeat to yourself at regular intervals. You can also use this right before you have a difficult conversation.

3) Visualize the outcome. Right before the a big meeting or presentation think about (in detail) the successful outcome. This helps you get into the right mental state.

Try these tools. Remember to turn them into routines that you do at a fixed time to trigger the feeling of confidence.Send me a note to let me know how they work for you!

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